Placement of order(s) for ticket(s) indicates your acceptance of all Dark Woods Haunted Attraction conditions, which include, but are not limited to:

  • WEATHER – In the unlikely event that the weather forces Dark Woods Haunted Attraction to close for the evening, all existing tickets can be used on any other evening for the remainder of our current season. All patrons acknowledge and accept that there are NO REFUNDS!
  • Tickets obtained from sources other than Dark Woods Haunted Attraction run the risk of being counterfeit and may not be honored.
  • No High Heels or Flip Flop footwear allowed.
  • All patrons acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted our terms, policies, and disclaimers. We reserve the right to amend such as the need arises, and without prior notice.
  • You will not be admitted or may be asked to leave the property without refund if rules are not followed.
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